Dining Room

SubiStrand has a 16 seat dining room which can be booked by residents only.

The dining room must not be used for commercial purposes.


The booking site can be found here.

The dining room overlooks the eastern garden courtyard and pool area. It is adjacent to a fully fitted kitchen with oven, hotplates and large fridge. The room is supplied with 16 sets of cutlery, crockery and glassware.

Conditions of Use:

  • Any damage to these facilities or items in the Dining Room will be billed to the resident who booked the facility.

  • Any extra cleaning will be on charged.

  • Oven & hotplate must be cleaned after use.

  • The dishwasher MUST be emptied after the cleaning cycle and dishes put away.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the dining room is a common area, excessive steam or smoke from cooking will set off the smoke detectors inside the dining room which will activate the fire alarm (as all common area detectors are connected to the fire panel). This will most likely result in call out charges (approx. $1,000) being on-charged to the responsible resident(s).


SubiStrand has an 11 seat theatre which can be booked by residents.


The booking site can be found here.

The theatre is equipped with:

  • 120' screen.

  • leather reclining seats.

  • ipad central control unit (free to air TV access, Blue Ray, USB input, HDMI and Cable TV input for BYO units e.g. foxtel box). 

Conditions of Use: 

  • Use must be in accordance with the instruction manual (currently in development)

  • If bean bags are used for blocking stair lights, these must be put back after use (bean bags left over the lights will burn out the light units). 

  • all technology and units must be switched off after use:

    • Air conditioning unit (on both panels)

    • Lights

    • projector via ipad only (DO NOT switch off the power on the projector itself) 

  • do not tamper with the projector or any other equipment. 

Any damage to these facilities will be billed to the resident who booked the facility.


Room Booking System

SubiStrand has a 15 seat theatre which can be booked by residents. The booking site can be found here.

The theatre is equipped with a 120' screen.

The seating are leather rocker recliners.

The theatre will receive free to air tv and has connections to allow hard drives, computers or tablets to be connected to the system to screen movies.

Any damage to these facilities will be billed to the resident who booked the facility.



SubiStrand has a well equipped gymnasium. Equipment includes weights, bicycles, rowers and treadmills.

Adjacent to the gymnasium is a sauna and bathroom with shower and change facilities.

When using the gymnasium we expect Residents to conform to the following rules:

  • Openning hours are 5am to 10pm daily.

  • Please ensure you bring a towel to the gym.

  • When finished with your weights, please place them back in their designated areas.

  • Don't drop weights.

  • Please be considerate of other Residents and ensure that all users have the opportunity to use all equipment.

  • Ensure you wipe down equipment after use.

  • Please ensure the TV volume is considerate to other gym users and Residents.

  • Please turn off the TV as you exit the gym if you are the last person in the gym.

  • Please refrain from moving the gym equipment around the gym.



SubiStrand has a 20m solar-heated swimming pool and adjacent BBQ area. Pool is only to be used during daylight hours



If glass smashes and falls into the pool, the responsible resident will be liable for the $20,000 fee to drain the entire pool as required by law. 

Pool - Conditions of Use:

  • No drinking glasses, bottles or any other glassware to be used or left on the elevated platform around the pool.

  • Children under 10 years of age must be supervised at all times.

  • The pool area is for the use of Residents and their visitors only.

  • Pool users enter the pool area at their own risk.

  • No bombing, jumping, diving or rough play in the pool. No running in the pool areas.

  • Persons with an infectious or contagious diseases or skin complaints should not use the pool.

  • Pool users must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • No food, confectionary or drink to be consumed in the pool. No smoking.

  • Do not climb up, or onto the walls, fences, rooves or raised objects within the pool area.

  • Do not use soap, detergent or any other substances with in the pool.

  • Loud disorderly, immoral, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour is not permitted either generally or in respect of any pool user.

  • Full, appropriate swiming attire must be worn in the pool area and other types of clothing must not be worn in the pool.

  • Refer to the Strata Company By-laws for a more complete list of the rules for using the pool.

BBQs - Conditions of Use:

  • clean the BBQ plates and grills before use

  • Be courteous and throughly clean the the BBQ hot plate and grill after use. 

  • Ensure the gas is turned OFF after use.

  • Close the lid after use to protect from weather.