Emergency Contacts

Building Manager

Sam Arabi

Phone: 0428 964 986


Business Hours (generally)

Monday 6am–3pm
Tuesday 10am-6pm
Wednesday 6am–3pm
Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday – 8.30am-5pm


Strata Manager

Please contact the Strata Manager, Dyani Cobbold, for any feedback, issues, questions or concerns.  


PO Box 1730,


Phone: 08 9221 2807




For owners who find themselves locked out of their apartments there is a Locksmith available 24/7 who can be called and they are authorised to attend the Building:

Metropolitan Lock Service    (Alan Newlan)         Phone: 0417 900 051

Payment and suitable identification will be required.

For tenants, please contact your property manager, letting agent or the apartment owner as they should be able to assist with their spare key and remote.


Electrician and Plumber

For problems with circuit breakers tripping/other power issues or plumbing problems then following tradesmen are available 24/7 and are authorised to attend the Building:

E & M Electrical (Owen) -                                  0415 942 820 

Anko Plumbing - Michael Keen                       0435 049 504

After hours charges will apply. Payment and suitable identification will be required.

During business hours please contact the Building Manager for assistance.


Common Areas

The Common Areas of the SubiStrand Apartments include:

  • The ground floor East, Northeast and West Lobbies

  • The upstairs and basement lift lobbies and corridors leading to apartments

  • The Lifts

  • The Dining Room, Theatre, Gymnasium, Sauna, Common Toilet Facilities, Pool and Gardens

  • The adjoining corridors and lounge areas near the gymnasium, games room, theatre and dining room.

  • The Strand

The Building Manager will organise the cleaning and maintenance of these common areas. We request Residents to notify the Building Manager if they find any dirty or damaged areas within the Common Areas.


If a Resident dirties or damages any common area they will be liable for the cleaning and/or maintenance costs associated with rectifying these faults.

Building Manager



Sam Arabi
Building Manager
Matthew Kaya


The Residents Mailroom is located on the north side of the Ground Floor of the East (26) and West (30) Buildings.

Please collect your mail regularly to prevent overflow.  Unwanted items can be disposed of in the bin provided.

Any bulky mail items delivered by Australia Post will not be received in the mailroom and  will await collection at the Subiaco Post Office on Rokeby Road. The postman will place a note in your letterbox, notifying you to collect your deliveries. 

Any items delivered by a courier will require the courier to contact you through either the intercom system or by telephone to organise their collection. Neither the Building Manager nor the Concierge will take delivery of parcels for residents. It is advisable to ensure that couriers understand that SubiStrand is a secure building and prior notice of their intent to deliver a parcel is required.

Moving In/Out

Please read through the New Resident Information Booklet.

Please meet with the building manager who will show you all the building and recreational facilities and how security and building access operates.

Apartment Keys and Remotes will then be handed to the new resident. Rental tenants will receive their Keys and Remotes from their Property Manager.

The building manager can arrange a lift booking prior to you moving in if required (no fee is charged for bookings).

Property Managers are also expected to respect and to follow this process.

No deliveries are allowed through the Ground Floor lift lobbies at any time.  Please use Basement Level 1 or 2 for deliveries. Both these areas require access to secured areas so delivery drivers and removalist should be supervised at all times. Items must be taken directly to the padded lifts. No other lifts are to be used when moving. 

Please do not dispose of large/ bulky items, (such as Boxes, Packaging Styrofoam, Luggage, Bubble wrap, Mattress Bags, etc.) in the bin chute as that may cause blockages. Cost to unblock the bin chute will be borne by the resident. Bulker bag paper waste bins are supplied in the Basement Level 1 Bin Room for large cardboard boxes and packing materials. Please break them down before disposing of them.

Any deliveries using the Basement please note - basement car park height limit is 2.2m, removalists note vehicles higher than this will need to park on Roydhouse Street. Street parking can be reserved with City of Subiaco. 

Dimensions of the lift: 2.4m high, 2m long and 1.3 wide. If you have items that are larger than that, please do not force them into the lift as this can cause damage to the lift panels, ceiling or mirror.

Any damages to the common area caused by the move could result in back charges to the person responsible.

If you have any questions, please ask the Building Manger, Concierge, or call or email Strata CBD.


Keeping Animals in Subi Strand

Owners, potential owners and tenants, please be aware that while it is permissible to keep Dogs or other Animals in your apartment at SubiStrand, it is important to follow the rules laid out in our By Laws.

Please apply for approval from the SubiStrand Council by written request to the Strata Manager  before acquiring your pet.

It is especially  important to note with dogs that owners need to control their dog when moving through common areas (corridors, lifts, basements, foyer, amphitheatre, etc).

You are responsible for any mess made in common areas by your dog.

Barking dogs can be a major source of problems for apartment living. Please consider this when selecting a dog to live at SubiStrand.

Dogs often bark at external noise, construction noise, other dogs, strong wind, fireworks and public events.

Please remember as the apartment occupier you will be responsible for your dog and any barking or other noise.

We have often found this occurs when their owner is not at home, subsequent complaints can create an unpleasant atmosphere with your neighbours.

A breach of the By Laws is likely to incur penalties, additionally for tenants, a breach will usually constitute a breach of their lease agreement.


Section 17 of the By Laws State:


17. Animals

17.1 Subject to section 42(15) of the Act a Proprietor or occupier must not bring onto or keep any animal within its Lot without the prior written consent of the Council.

17.2 The Council will not unreasonably withhold its consent if the animal is of a breed or size which is suitable to be kept as a domestic pet in a residential complex.

17.3 A Proprietor or occupier granted consent under sub-by law 17.2:

(1) must not keep the animal if the keeping of the animal breaches any regulation or by law of the Local Government;

(2) may only enter upon the common property with the animal for the purposes of access and egress to its Lot;

(3) is responsible for the health, hygiene, control and supervision of the animal; and

(4) must ensure that the animal does not interfere with the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of Fairlanes Perth by other Proprietor.

17.4 The Strata Company may serve a notice on a Proprietor or occupier of a Lot whose animal causes a nuisance to other Proprietors requiring that Proprietor or occupier to take all reasonable actions to remedy the behaviour creating the nuisance within 14 days.

17.5 A Proprietor or occupier that fails to comply with a notice issued under sub by-law 17.4 must immediately remove the animal from the Lot.


Renting at

Subi Strand

SubiStrand is a world class apartment complex completed in 2015 featuring the very best of facilities & amenities.


Resort Facilities include landscaped gardens and resort style amenities including a solar-heated pool, sauna, gymnasium fitted with modern equipment, residents lounge, dining room, theatre, games room & table tennis.


All apartments feature well-appointed kitchens featuring integrated appliances and stone bench tops with split system air-con throughout. Apartments are all fitted with double glazed windows to minimize noise and verandahs to allow alfresco dining. A new cafe-restaurant opened on the Strand late 2016 and can cater for your morning coffee, lunch and even your late dinner (Menu can be found here ).   


Located just 200m from Subi Square and the Subiaco underground train station this apartment complex offers great access to public transport including the train and 5 bus routes into the CBD.


Stroll to Kitchener Park, Market Square or the Subi Centro Parklands and lake to enjoy local green spaces or walk to Subi Square, Rokeby Road or Hay Street to sample some of Subiaco's finest restaurants and shopping. You will also be just 800m from Domain Stadium.


Please contact your agent for availability or search